On Friday – and then throughout the weekend – Wyoming PBS shared the Wyoming Symphony Orchestra‘s Suffragette Symphony, “Julia Louisa Esther,” by acclaimed composer Stephanie Ann Boyd.


Wyoming Women’s Action Network was proud to be a part of the Suffragette Symphony over (its sometimes rugged, pandemic-delayed journey) the past few years. Jen worked with Rachel Bailey, the Executive Director of the Wyoming Symphony Orchestra. She met with Stephanie Ann Boyd and historian Dr. Tanis Lovercheck-Saunders. She sat down for an interview, featured in the documentary about the Suffragette Symphony.


Here’s what Jen had to say in the moments she’s featured in the documentary:


“Stephanie Ann Boyd is so extraordinary because she’s one of a few female composers.

She is among the only composers out there writing and composing about themes and topics that address women…


…and how we move through the world and how we impact history, how we impact art.”


Interspersed with clips from the composer, herself, Jen goes on to explain why this piece is so extraordinary – and how it captures the women of Wyoming.


“Suffragette Symphony and Stephanie Ann Boyd’s piece really captured … what the natural landscape is like, captured how it shapes the people, how it shapes the women in that space, and…

She gives us another lens or framework to think and talk about our geography, how we’re connected to each other, and what difference that can make for women and communities.”

We hope you’ll tune into learn more about the history of women’s suffrage in the Equality State – and then stay for a first-of-its-kind composition, performed by the Wyoming Symphony Orchestra.