We’re so proud of WWAN’s role in US News & World Report’s article, Is Wyoming Living Up to Its Equality State Legacy?

Not only does a national publication feature our org and a link to our website (drove some really amazing traffic!), but there were also incredible interviews with Wyoming women we connected to the journalist, Josephine Rozzelle.

Plus some great quotes!

Our (small) team is especially pleased that she drew connections between representation, access to healthcare–especially maternal mortality–and economic well-being. This touches on every aspect of WWAN’s mission. And the piece highlights the real need for our next endeavor: a policy and mapping project to illustrate the stark labor and delivery landscape in Wyoming.

We want to provide a vital resource to communities, policymakers, and anyone planning to be pregnant in this state so they understand what our OB care landscape looks like–and how we can make it better.


As the US News article reiterates, Wyoming already has higher-than-national-average maternal mortality and morbidity (at the same time that the US has the highest maternal mortality rates in the developed world and ranks 63rd overall for the health outcomes during and after pregnancy). With your help, we can map Wyoming’s landscape and start to make a difference in this most critical area of need.

You may already know that two Wyoming hospitals eliminated their labor and delivery services in 2022. OBs are increasingly scarce in Wyoming (and neighboring states) and maternity deserts are expanding. A new report indicates that maternal mortality is expected to increase in the post-Dobbs era.

We’ve had some major policy wins in 2023 (check out this infographic for more!) and look forward to increasing our impact in 2024 with this project–and others (for a great example of another policy we’re working on, read here about the Doula Medicaid Project!).

Please consider a gift to the Wyoming Women’s Action Network to help us improve the lives of everyone living in Wyoming. You know as well as we do: policies that are good for women benefit everyone.

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